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CBMDA was founded with simple premises:


To provide advanced clinical and scientific knowledge to doctors and dentists from China and the UK.

To make overseas exchange programmes in the UK accessible, efficient, effective for Chinese professionals.

To provide a networking platform for medical and dental professionals from both China and the UK.

A professional’s continuous development ensures a higher level of health care to patients everywhere. 

Our Mission

China Britain Medical and Dental Association ( is a non-for-profit organisation. The association provides a free networking platform for doctors and dentists from both China and the UK.

We offer free content such as videos and articles of the latest medical and dental research and development. We give introduction courses of the latest devices, treatment techniques covering all medical and dental subjects.

CBMDA the association also offers membership only content and provides a wide range of

services/benefits to its individual and corporate members.

Industry Activities

CBMDA the Association is actively supporting and bringing together the Chinese and UK’s life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors. Our 1000-plus Member companies are located across

the globe, benefiting from our networking, partnering, purchasing, training, advising and advocacy activities.

Association Funding for CPD Courses

There are a number of sources of funding available for CBMDA students. These include a significant

package of competitive CBMDA bursaries and scholarships in a range of subject areas. Please send

your enquiries to

CBMDA the Academy
Contact CBMDA
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