CBMDA  BioIntelligence

CBMDA BioIntelligence offers a wide range of services to Members and non-Members and draws upon our experience and connections within the life sciences sector.  Take a look at the specific services offered below.

Consultation Responses

OBN BioIntelligence offers unique access to an enviable database of contacts and knowledge, not available through any commercial source.

Targeted calls to our 400-plus Membership can uncover assets, capabilities or knowledge within a specified area of partnering interest. OBN compiles responses, combining these with the results of any additional commissioned research, for analysis and action by BD&L teams. OBN can facilitate contact between interested parties where required.

Projects carried out for European, Asian and US pharma clients have yielded responses from between 15 and 50 companies in related areas.

For further information about OBN BioIntelligence, email John Harris, CEO, or Jonathan Rohll, Analyst at OBN.

Partner 4 Pharma®

Partner 4 Pharma® events are tailored to meet the demands of pharma organisations who wish to meet, engage and do business with innovative R&D companies, academics, and technology transfer organisations in the UK within a focused and private setting.

More specifically, via our Partner 4 Pharma® events we aim to facilitate the following positive outcomes and opportunities for pharma companies:

  • Acquisition

  • Investment

  • Partnering

  • In-Licensing

  • Collaboration

  • Technology Transfers

Partner 4 Pharma® events are organised as an individual event or as a roadshow with a series of formatted events taking place in different locations.

Our in-house Industry Analyst would respond to your brief and identified therapeutic areas of interest and conduct detailed research and analysis of suitable companies and academics to invite to the event.

Cluster Knowledge

OBN has carried cluster benchmarking since 2002 when it published the first of a series of OBN Cluster Reports for the local Oxfordshire biocluster.  Since then we have carried out many such exercises across the UK.

We continue to regularly monitor the growth of the Oxford/Thames Valley life sciences ecosystem with the Oxford AHSN and have carried out benchmarking and follow-up exercises for various client organisations.

Through OBN BioIntelligence we have delivered detailed independent benchmark reports on the Kent and Welsh bioclusters, the latter for the Welsh Government, and for the Solent and Enterprise M3 LEP's in association with the Institute for Life Sciences at The University of Southampton.

Product Scouting

OBN BioIntelligence has carried out a number of asset, capability and technology searches for global pharma and medtech clients within defined technical areas and are core to our offering.

Example projects include searches carried out for global pharma and medtech and for other organisations for products to complement existing lines, or for new products.


Use OBN to conduct surveys of interest to your business or institution.

We have carried out surveys for governement bodies as part of consultancies, for the University of Oxford and for other clients.  We use the SmartSurvey tool which allows customised templates and also retains data on UK-based servers.

OBN supports anonymous data collection for Biotech Personnel’s survey analysing base pay, bonuses, share option allocation and fringe benefits. 

Bespoke Projects

In-house skills, combined with a comprehensive network of service providers, means that OBN BioIntelligence can deliver bespoke projects.

Most notable in our portfolio is ‘An Evolution’, a high quality coffee table book highlighting the development of Milton Park and its repositioning as a premier location for the life sciences industry in the UK. This project called upon our network of photographers, journalists, copy writers, printers and numerous contacts within the companies highlighted in the publication.

Laboratory & Office Space

OBN has strong connections with all of the science parks, facilities and other infrastructure components in the Oxford and Thames Valley, so if you are thinking of moving to the area please contact us if you need some assistance.

We can also help you make connections with facilities further away from our base in Milton Park through our nationwide Membership including BioCity Group, Manchester Science Partnerships, Birmingham BioHub, Invest Newcastle, Edinburgh BioQuarter and more.

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