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UK/EU Qualified Medical Professionals

CBMDA - the Association platform provides GMC registered medical professionals, EU registered doctors with our Academy CPD accredited courses from the top UK/EU universities and university hospitals. For qualified medical professionals, you would also have the opportunity of becoming our guest lecturer to visit China. In addition, CBMDA provides international relocation and career advice to its members worldwide who wishes to relocate to APAC.

UK/EU Qualified Dental Professionals

GDC registered dental professionals would be eligible to receive additional fund while attending our CBMDA Academy CPD accredited MasterClasses via CBMDA membership. You will also have access to our free online learning materials, video demonstration etc. For qualified professionals, you will have the opportunity of becoming CBMDA Academy's guest lecturer to visit China. CBMDA provides international relocation and career advice to its members worldwide who wishes to start their new practice in APAC.

UK/EU Medical and Dental Students

Join our members only exchange programmes to visit Chinese universities, hospitals and build your own network with Chinese medical/dental students. We arrange seasonal budgeted backpacking culture tours to mainland China, the Greater China Region and Japan for our UK/EU medical and dental student members. If you would like to gain a couple of years learning or working experience in China once you qualify, come and join us! CBMDA also provides international relocation, immigration and career advice to its qualified postgraduate student members.

Connect to CBMDA Chinese Members

Should you wish to establish a patient referral agreement with Chinese private practices and keep receiving well funded clients who wishes to travel to Europe for treatments or making academic exchange arrangements as part of your visit to Asia, China Britain Medical and Dental Association provides the most comprehensive free networking platform for you to connect with our Chinese members or practice owners.

Career for UK/EU Qualified Professional in China

CBMDA's international relocation programme assists our UK/EU members with all the information required to become a medical or dental expat and continue your professional career in China. We will also give our members immigration advice as well as the relevant information needed for your family, including employment opportunities for your spouse, international schools for your children. 

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