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CBMDA Consulting Branch helps pharmaceutical manufacturers become more competitive and successful in today's evolving market—that means ensuring your products contribute to favourable and demonstrable outcomes, and streamline costs in the face of increasing price pressure.


CBMDA Consulting Branch assists our pharmaceutical corporate members with: In-Licensing, Out-Licensing, Co-Development, Clinical Studies, Regulatory Affairs, Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement


CBMDA’s approach is customised for each situation to determine the best strategy to meet our Biotech corporate members' goals.  Our leaders have extensive expertise across therapeutic areas throughout the product lifecycle from discovery phase throughout clinical trials.  We carefully evaluate key aspects including industry trends, market evolution and growth opportunities to make critical decisions around your company strategy, portfolio planning, commercial approaches, international expansion, market access and more.  We continually assist our clients to achieve the growth and value that they are seeking.


CBMDA Consulting Branch assists our biotech corporate members with: Out-Licensing, Co-Development, Funding Raising, Clinical Studies, Research Collaboration and Bioinformatics Solutions.

Medical Technology and Device

With disruptive changes altering the basis of competition, medtech companies may seek new opportunities to redefine business models, enter new markets and deploy their scale advantages in new ways. To thrive in this emerging environment, CBMDA’s teams of experts help medtech companies across the globe address a new set of priorities


CBMDA Consulting Branch assists our Medical Device corporate members with: Import/Export, Regulatory Affair, Manual Translation, Clinical Trial, IT&Engineering Consulting, Co-development, Sales.


CBMDA Consulting advises leaders in the dental industry on identifying new growth opportunities, enhancing profitability, and providing insight to manage all phases of transaction services. Our clients include largest global dental supply companies, as well as emerging businesses. Our deep expertise across the life sciences and dentistry spectrum enables us to understand how material and equipment providers may be affected by hospital/clinic purchasing trends, payer reimbursement strategies and advances with other market dynamics.


CBMDA Consulting Branch assists our Dental corporate members with: Exhibition, Product Demonstration, Marketing, Wholesale, Individual/Group Order, Market Access to China or UK/EU

Life Sciences Solution Providers

CBMDA Consulting's Management and Market Intelligence Consultancy specialising in life sciences and healthcare sectors. We work with leading emerging-to-large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and Academic Research Institutions worldwide.

By creating an executive network of strategic partnerships, we are able to engage and bring true innovation through our global stakeholders – reducing timelines and helping to achieve their short, medium and long-term vision.


CBMDA Consulting is able to leverage our consultancy services and provide our members with strategic partnership and development opportunities in order to streamline and integrate your procurement processes by sourcing the most innovative supplier organisations worldwide.

Healthcare Payers & Delivery Systems

CBMDA Consulting understands that healthcare payers and delivery systems are competing on a radically altered playing field due to cost pressures and healthcare reform around the world. CBMDA works alongside diverse clients—from insurance companies to hospital systems—not only to develop the right strategy and operating model, but also to implement changes quickly and efficiently.


CBMDA Consulting Branch assists our Healthcare Payers & Delivery Systems related corporate members with: Corporate Client Introduction, Candidate Referral, International Exchange, Staff Placement. 

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