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CBMDA UK/EU Student Membership 

Join our members only exchange programmes to visit Chinese universities, hospitals and build your own network with Chinese medical/dental students. We arrange seasonal budgeted backpacking culture tours to mainland China, the Greater China Region and Japan for our UK/EU medical and dental student members. If you would like to gain a couple of years learning or working experience in China once you qualify, come and join us! CBMDA also provides international relocation, immigration and career advice to its qualified postgraduate student members.

International Exchange Programme between CBMDA the Academy and its University Hospital Partners from UK/EU/China

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

CBMDA the Association has established partnerships with universities and its medical/dental schools across the UK. Our referral scheme will help you apply for your desired postgraduate programmes, Ph.D research positions, international exchange programmes at the top 10 UK medical and dental schools. 

CBMDA also assists its foreign candidates to prepare, participate and successfully pass PLAB exam held by General Medical Council UK and ORE exam held by General Dental Council UK, which are the ultimate tests to enable foreign qualified doctors and dentists to practise in the UK as well as in all 28 EU countries. 

Our referral scheme also assists Chinese or foreign high school candidates apply for UK Medical MBBS and Dental BDS programmes. After graduation, you will be automatically registered with General Medical Council (GMC) and General Dental Council (GDC) and will automatically be granted the licenses to practise medicine or dentistry in the UK or any of the 28 EU countries. 

Student Exchange


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