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Chinese Medical Professionals

China Britain Medical and Dental Association platform provides Chinese medical professionals with the latest research literatures, advanced treatment techniques, newest medical device/equipment demonstrations from the UK and EU. As our members, you will be eligible to apply for WJP Medical Foundation scholarships and join our Academy's CBMDA MasterClass CPD Certificate Programmes.

Chinese Dental Professionals

As our CBMDA - the Association registered members, Chinese dental professionals would have access to our academy training materials, demonstration videos. You would be eligible to apply for WJP Medical Foundation scholarships and attend the Academy's CPD accredited courses. If you are running a practice, you would also have the benefit to directly purchase dental equipment and materials from CBMDA listed UK/EU vendors.

Medical and Dental Students from China

As a Chinese medical or dental student, once you become a CBMDA registered student member, you will enjoy all available membership benefits, including the opportunity to be selected into our medical/dental international student exchange programmes at the top medical and dental universities in the UK, and across Europe. CBMDA Student Referral Scheme assists our student members throughout the whole process, if you wish to apply for a medical or dental postgraduate programmes offered by the top universities in the UK, from initial online application towards interview and admission.

Connect to CBMDA UK/EU Members

CBMDA consistently helps and encourages its members from China to establish their own individual connections with our UK/EU members through CBMDA online networking platform. Our Chinese members can utilise this platform to arrange case discussions, patient referrals, or even a private visit to our UK/EU member's private practice.

Career for Chinese Qualified Professionals in UK/EU

CBMDA's post PLAB/ORE exam programme assists our members to start their new life and career in Europe. Membership benefits include: Finding clinical attachments; Preparing you for interviews; Assisting you with job application; Having you registered with a local agency, Recommending you to training positions, Offering you immigration advice or helping you to become an assistant lecturer at CBMDA Academy. If you are interested in developing a new career path in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry, we can certainly help you also. Our network enables us to recommend the most suitable candidates to our corporate members' required positions, and to offer our members a different but exciting career path moving forward. 

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